Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After Primer Pics

Body Prep for Primer Painting

I started by blocking with 220g Wet or Dry 3M paper.

Finally moved out of Irvine to a much more spaceous apt. in Newport Beach, Ca.

The Hood's gelcoat cracked in the front. I bored out a patch 1" around the crack and filled with Chrystaliner gelcoat.

What was a very wavy hood now is smooth as glass.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SR20DET Tomei 270 Hyd. Poncams in New Head

Thank You Denis at for the Supertech dual Ti. valve spring, retainers and especially Tomei camshafts!

Thank you Bob McKray Performance  for all the porting, valve job and resurfacing.

"SR20DET EX 270-12.50L"

SR20 Cylinder Head Removal: Always Check Your Head!

My "Perfect" SR came from Japan and eventually made it into my hands. Thought it would be a good idea to add some low end torque with cams.

Never thought I'de see such an aweful sight.

Please let this bottom end be unaffected!

Completely new head, Thanks Rob Airth!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

S13 N2 Fender Flare Install

As Seen on TV, the Dual Saw performs up to reputation! Any other way of cutting two ply sheet metal  without the use of an air-saw or cut-off wheel will never work as well as this tool did.

Using 1/8" Clecos temporary fasteners to hold the fenders straight during drilling.

4mm knurled steel riv-nuts. Uses a 4mm button head allen bolt to mount.

S13 GP Sports Front Bumper Install

Dzus fasteners on the inside of the front fenders.

The bumper came in rough condition needing alot of  sanding and trimming to fit intercooler and piping. There is really no support in the front for the bumper other than the fenders. I had to custom make mounts out of .125" 6061 alum bolted to factory front bumper mounting points.