Saturday, August 6, 2011

Engine Bay Prep and Paint

As the finishing touches finalize the interior infrastructure, I spend 6 tedious hours pealing away three heavy layers of paint. You can see I cut the battery tray out and will need to cut holes for the 3" intercooler piping.
Auto paint doesnt stick on krylon too well, I spent a lot of time sanding every sq. in.,but in the end it was worth it. Color is from Color Map 474E1. This paint was mixed by Guy @ California Auto Paint Supply in Santa Ana, CA. 1(714)953-0733
Brand new S13 headlight mounts. Re-painted hood latch mount.

*Not Recommended* All of the interior/engine bay painting is done with Automotive paint injected into rattle spray-paint cans. The engine bay alone took 4 Acid #8 primer cans, 5 color paint cans, and 5 clear coat cans.

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