Saturday, August 6, 2011

Interior Paint, Back home in my garage

Back in suburban Orange, Ca., and already had two motor cycle cops stop by due to disturbance calls. Not really impressed by the car they told me to behave and left. My roommate, Steve Wetterau, and  I went for a joy ride. No seats and an unmounted steering wheel makes driving near impossible, but the Japanese made this car so small that anyone over 5'6" can see out the front windshield and operate the pedals without seats. Stopping is scary when you have no pressure to brace yourself. Still excited everything purchased up to this point is in working order.
These pictures are my only memory of the 8 hours spent color sanding and buffing the stock paint back to a mirror finish!
Thanks to Rafino Glass 1(714)292-5811 for coming to my house and installing a fresh windshield for $80.

Red G-Force window net. Got for free, in horrid condition, needed cleaning and re-dye. I dyed it black and this is the color I get!

Do Not cap off valve cover breather! I did this because the original mini air filter was leaking oil out onto the ex. manifold. I end up running anouther foot of clear braided tubing to the turbo intake after the MAF sensor.

My first introduction to wiring, switch panel design definetly temporary.
The motor in wired in with just what you see in below picture. all the relays have a circuit broken and switched +(30) to accessory appropriated (87) but the relays themselves have no +(86),-(85) hooked up.

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