Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Diagnosing Electrical, New Dash

Adding two relays to switch panel. Ecu relay triggers the main power for the ecu and an auxiliary relay for the injectors. All running off of a 20amp circuit broken switch. Ecu has constant backup power with separate 20amp breaker.

This is the ECU main harness. This picture shows the wiring I have had to strip from heat shrink to consolidate the ecu trigger wire, ecu main power, ecu backup power, injectors into the grey 6pin connector at the bottom. the other 2 wires in the connector go to constant 12v for the switch panel power.

Remade relay mount for the back of the switch panel. I had 6 before I realized the Ecu relay could not be bypassed.

PLMS consult cable plugs into the laptop via. usb. once this connects to the ecu, I will have complete access to modify fuel maps and tune for 450hp.