Monday, December 12, 2011

Stripping and Painting Gas Tank

 The factory gas tank is covered in a thin layer of tar. I used a tar stripper and it took 6hrs to remove all the disgusting mess. 

Gas tank is held in with 2 straps and one bolt holding the filler neck to the inside of the passenger wheel well. The 2 straps have 17mm bolts at either end, so removing 2 is all that is needed. DRAIN TANK BEFORE REMOVAL 

 The color is anodized blue. It is pretty transparent, so multiple coats are necessary to achieve this color. I used clear coat to the bottom of the tank to help prevent scratching later on.
  After spraying the clear coat, I noticed excess overspray in certain areas, I used #2 diamond cut with a rotory buffer at 1000rpm for 5min.

 I had to cut little pieces of double-sided tape to stick the factory padding back onto the tank.

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