Monday, January 30, 2012

Competition Clutch Twn Disc and 10lb Flywheel.

S13 Transmission after 4hr removal. Tranny got stuck between fire wall, so I decided to pull the motor to crane the complete setup in as I had done before.
Bought New A.R.P. Mil-Spec bolts from FRSport; used red loc-tite and torqued to 65ft-lbs.
Purchased on ebay for 1,090. Part Code marked Type-C for stiffest pressure plate good for 800-1000hp.
Kit includes 10.5lb Flywheel and 7.25" discs for reduced spool time and increased throttle response. As well as a new throw out bearing and pilot bushing.
Note: BIG Mistake!never chain engine over valvecover T-fitting. T-fitting was rendered dead, adding to this clutch job, now I have to take the valve cover off... Good thing I did...
Admiring the color of the exhaust manifold. Also the fact that the 20G Turbo is the biggest bottom mount, fitting with only minor modification to the engine mount brace.
After assembling entire unit with tranny. As you can see I am missing the Valvecover T-fitting. Also I went and got SS T-bolt clamps for all the charge pipes.
Thanks to Brian Rowe and Chris Livesey for such an experience. I hope it goes a lot easier next time.

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