Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dyno (Days) These Horses Are Stubborn

Helped me through a tremendous effort tuning this engine setup to see where it ranks on the track. So far results that I cannot speak of due to Single plate clutch failure at 5500rpm on dyno at which point the car would make it to 6800rpm and the pwr/trqe curve would make a U shape. Boost and AFR curves are linear and have the potential for more shaping after a new clutch is installed! Existing clutch is 6-puck single disc...age:5-10years, I have not really felt a slip putting around my neighborhood the 3 times I did were never full power. Supposedly new, the one I have could hold 400hp. So if it was worn out maybe malfunction under full boost/accel. Tuner:Stephen Spent two days working a new system and new Australian software NIStune manages to maintain composure as results came out skewed almost everytime. Thank God everything is still in operating order

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