Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ducting Cont. Making Dr. Side Brake Duct.

Thanks to Andy and Angel at Porterfield Brakes for having the 3" Naca Duct that fits to my application with little modification.
After using a Mapp Gas torch to soften up the plastic, I placed the duct against the contour of the aluminum box to get the perfect shape. Hole in box was cut using the template of the duct flange to trace and a 3" hole saw on a drill. Any other fine detail was cut with small tinsnips and a file.
The 3" hole was bored with a 1" hole saw and 14 3/8" holes. Using a file, I was able to smooth out the inside without scoring the inside of the duct.
Needed 400gr sandpaper to finish the inside. After that I used scotch brite on everything for the brushed look.

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