Thursday, February 14, 2013

Time To Fly @ Big Willow w/ New Airfoil Design

With the Double race weekend right around the corner, a lot of preparation is necessary to handle two days of fierce competitive driving at 140+mph. A new airfoil design for faster cars at bigger tracks was implemented to satisfy the necessary downforce at higher speeds, without slowing down the chassis. 3/16 6061 Uprights and 4130 Steel Saddles were custom made for this wing design and fitmant on the S13 coupe trunk.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuned to Race- Feb. 24,25

After so many hours spent on the rollers at SR Motorcars, with the help of tuners Mitch Peterson and Eric, the NIStune mapping became more fluent. Then, after preloading the wastegate a 1/4", there is already a map ready for the air flow change. Brett Strom at Bullett Performance helped smooth out the curves. Overall making 300hp and 320tq@3K! Revelation Racing has a Debut race coming up Feb.24,25 at WSIR,Big. Thanks to all who helped, see you soon.

SR Motorcars Dyno w/ MP/T and Eric

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Start Motor Build From Scratch

For everything up until now was just experimentation. The real journey with correctly appropriated pieces begins now. This could not happen without the help of Mike Yates and crew, Mitch Peterson (MP/T), and SR Motorcars. Dyno Part 1...

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Polished Intake Manifold

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 After 18Hrs of hand sanding and smoothing, it is now ready for a few coats of polish.